Rishi K Narang is the Founding Principal of T2AM and manages T2AM’s investment activities. He is a leader

in quantitative trading and a veteran in the hedge fund industry. Mr. Narang began his career as a Global

Investment Strategist for Citibank Alternative Investment in 1996. He then co-founded Tradeworx, Inc., a

quantitative hedge fund manager, in 1999 and acted as its President until his departure in 2002. For three

years Mr. Narang was the co-Portfolio Manager and a Managing Director at Santa Barbara Alpha Strategies

before founding T2AM, LLC in 2005. He is the author of Inside the Black Box: A Simple Guide to Quantitative and

High-Frequency Trading. Mr. Narang completed his BA in Economics from the University of California at


Eric Cressman is T2AM’s COO and CCO. He is in charge of the operations and regulatory compliance of the

firm, and manages operational due diligence and monitoring. After four years in traditional asset

management operations, Mr. Cressman began his hedge fund career at Farallon / Bracebridge Capital, a fixed

income hedge fund, as Operations Manager in 1997. He then became the Accounting Manager of SF Sentry, an

equity and distressed debt hedge fund, until 2003. Before joining T2AM in 2005, Mr. Cressman was a

Managing Director at Santa Barbara Alpha Strategies, where he ran back office operations. Mr. Cressman has

a BA in Economics from Union College.


John Cutsinger is the CTO for T2AM and in addition to managing all aspects of the firm’s technology, he

conducts due diligence on the technology of quantitative managers as part of T2AM’s investment team. Mr.

Cutsinger started his investment career at STW Fixed Income Management as Vice President of Technology in

1987. Following this, he became the Head of West Coast Operations for UNAPEN in 2002 before joining Santa

Barbara Alpha Strategies as Senior Vice President in 2004. Mr. Cutsinger served as Director of Technology for

Altegris Investments in 2006 before joining T2AM in 2007.

Julie Wilson is Head of Business Development at T2AM. She is responsible for all marketing and investor

relations functions. Ms. Wilson began her career at T2AM in 2005 as an Associate. She became an Analyst in

2007 and was responsible for the due diligence on the people who manage quant trading strategies,

operational due diligence and monitoring, and management of the proprietary due diligence process utilized

by T2AM. Ms. Wilson completed her BA in Business Economics at University of California at Santa Barbara.

Myong Han, CAIA, is the Controller at T2AM responsible for middle and back office operations. He also

conducts operational due diligence and monitoring, as well as strategy due diligence and research. Before

becoming involved in hedge funds, Mr. Han was a Strategy, Policy and Economics Research Consultant with

Jack Faucett and Associates. Prior to joining T2AM in 2009, he was an Investment Analyst at Old Mutual Asset

Managers’ multi-strategy hedge fund unit in London. He has an MBA from London Business School and is a

CAIA Charterholder.